Shamir Autograph Attitude™

Expand Your Vision™

Lens Characteristics:
• Back surface progressive lens with special optical design for curved lenses
• Utilizes Shamir's As-Worn Technology™
• Available in a variety of materials
• Minimum fitting heights: 15mm, 18mm


• Especially suitable for fashionable sport and designer wraparound frames
• Suitable for a range of prescriptions: -6.50 to +5.25[D]
• Perfect choice for sunglasses in wraparound frames

• Advanced optical design ensures wide vision with minimum side distortions
• Aberration-free vision in all parts of lens offering panoramic vision without boundaries
• Available in a wide range of tints and filters designed to effectively block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays


ADD: 0.75-3.50




Shamir Autograph Attitude™

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