Shamir Computer™ & Shamir WorkSpace™

Keeping the Office in Perfect Focus Just Got Easier

Lens Characteristics:
• Advanced Freeform lens with special optical design for focus on the computer screen and the close working environment
• Customized to varied work needs
• Shamir Computer: Excellent vision for close tasks with an optimal depth of field up to 1.5m
• Shamir WorkSpace: Excellent vision for close tasks or middistance viewing with an optimal depth of field up to 3m
• Minimum fitting height: 14mm

• Ideal for focus on close working environment
• Highly suited to computer work
• Functions as sophisticated reading glasses


• Allows perfect vision for both reading and computer use
• Very low distortion level
• Covers wide range of prescriptions: reading power of -6.00 to +8.00[D]
• Helps prevent the discomfort of Computer Vision Syndrome

Continuous Dynamic Power: 0.75-2.25


 CW-sharp1.5    CW-sharp3.0














Shamir Computer™ & Shamir WorkSpace™

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