Shamir Glacier Plus UV™

Better protection for perfect vision

Standard HC | Glacier Plus


Comprehensive UV Protection
From incoming & relected light

Shamir Glacier Plus UV offers a new concept in UV protection. Even lenses that claim 100% UV blocking, do not protect the eyes from the UV reflection that reaches the eyes from the rear surface of the lens.

The new Glacier Plus UV coating includes extra UV protection that prevents the harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes - that’s comprehensive UV protection!


Improved anti-reflection
Enhancing visual comfort & style  

Shamir Glacier Plus provides real anti-reflection—minimizing glare, enhancing comfort, and giving you a natural look, without unwanted reflections.

By applying Shamir’s new aberration-free chromatics, the problem of a reflected rainbow, or Newton Rings, is eliminated from the Anti-Reflective lens coating. That means enhanced visual comfort with no distracting glares, and a more natural appearance.


Enhanced antistatic
Repels dust and stays clean

Glacier Plus’ powerful antistatic properties ensure lenses remain dust free and now your lenses stay cleaner for longer.

Incorporated into the AR layer of Glacier Plus UV, is a unique, enhanced and transparent layer with powerful anti-static properties that keep the lenses dirt and dust-free.


Super hydrophobic
Water and stain resistance

Glacier Plus’ outstanding hydrophobic properties resist water and stains and repel grease and fingerprints, so cleaning your lenses is quicker and easier.

Due to its specially developed super-slippery composition, the coating is applied in an innovatively thin layer that is both hydroand oleo-phobic. Its perfect adherence to the top of the AR and HC coating stack results in a lens that is also effectively antismudge. That means no more hard-to-clean grease or water spots that interfere with visual acuity.

Much stronger, lasts longer

Glacier Plus is an an extremely hard, scratch-resistant and flexible coating, preventing lens coat cracking, while protecting the lenses from the wear and tear of everyday use. And because it delivers even better protection, it’s now backed by an extended warranty.



Reflection rate of coatings on high-index1.67 lenses

Glacier Plus received lowest reflection rate, 9% lower than nearest competitor.

 Glacier Plus-1

Extremely hard scratch-resistant coating

Glacier Plus received 22% better results than nearest competitor. Abrasion values are 3.5 times better than market standard.

 Glacier Plus-2






Shamir Glacier Plus UV™

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