NuPolar Polarized Lenses

The world's #1 Rx Polarized Lens

NuPolar is the global leader in polarized lenses and continues to set the standard that other polarized lenses aspire to.


Blocks blinding everyday glare!

When light hits reflective smooth surfaces such as roads, water, car bonnets, snow, buildings, wet surfaces or even the bright chrome of the car in front, the light becomes polarized. The polarized light creates blinding glare that seriously inhabits vision and compromises safety. NuPolar polarized lenses block out dangerous blinding glare that reflect from these surfaces.


True colours, comfort & improved contrast!

In addition to blocking blinding glare, NuPolar polarized lenses also help wearers see better by improving contrast and visual comfort.


NuPolar outperforms all other polarized lenses!

Tests prove no other polarized lens on the market come close to NuPolar lenses in overall performance. When performance factors such as optics, polarizing efficiency, colour consistency, heat stability and other critical factors are taken into consideration, NuPolar comes #1


 NuPolar pic 03


NEW Polarized Gradient Lenses!

Gradient lenses are highly desired by more style-conscious patients. Previously the market didn't offer patients gradient lenses with high efficiency polarization. 

But with the release of NuPolar gradient, style-conscious patients can now get the look of gradient lenses they desire while providing the polarization they need!




NuPolar Polarized Lenses

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