Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV™

Prevent digital eye strain



The Glaring Truth!

Artificial light is a given of modern life, and in today’s high-tech world we are increasingly exposed to light emanating from TV screens and computers, mobile phone screens, headlights, lampposts, and much more. Making up 50% of the total, LED is the most common of all artificial light sources. Give your eyes the enlightened protection they deserve, with Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV!



Spotlight On Advantages
Enlightened Eye Protection with Glacier Blue-shield  

Protects your eyes from harmful blue light and UV light

* Reflects 5 times more indoor blue light than conventional coatings

* Protects against UV light from the front & back of the lens

* Features a very attractive subtle blue mirror apprearance

Offers a clear lens for comfortable vision in any environment

* Reduces eye strain and enhances visual comfrot 

Improved anti-reflective properties



Much stronger, lasts longer

Improved Anti-reflection
Enhancing visual comfort & style

Enhanced Antistatic
Repels dust, stays clean

Super hydrophobic
Improved water & stain resistance



Shamir Glacier Blue-shield UV™

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