Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV™

Just to be crystal clear


The Clear, Natural Looking Coating!

Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV offers all the benefits of the advanced Shamir Glacier Plus UV. It provides dual side UV protection with improved anti-reflection. It is hydrophobic, oleo-phobic and anti-static keeping lenses free of dust, grease and water stains and is easy to clean. Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV is also highly durable and scratch resistant, but there’s a much more important difference - CLARITY!


Sparkling Advantages

* Offers all the benefits of the advanced Glacier Plus UV

* Dual side UV protection

* Improved anti-reflection

* Durable and scratch-resistant

* Easy-to-clean features

* Totally clear with no residual color reflected from the lens

* Gives the wearer a totally natural look

* The choice for TV presenters and film stars





Shamir Glacier Achromatic UV™

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