Promotions 2017


Enjoy a night out at GOLD CLASS by selling SMART SV III...!

Receive a $80 Gold Class movie gift card for every 10 pairs of Smart SV III with multi-coat sold


For every 10 pairs of Smart SV III with multi-coat sold, you are eligable to receive 1 x $80 Gold Class gift card.

* Promotion runs for 5 weeks between Monday 26/6/17 - Friday 28/7/17.

All invoices must be dated between Monday 26/6/17 - Friday 28/7/17 to be eligable.

Stores will not need to supply invoice numbers to be eligable for the rewards.

Gold Glass gift cards will be supplied to eligable stores by the Shamir Sales Rep once promotion has finished. 

For eligable New Zealand stores, you will receive a Prezzy gift card to the same or equal value.


For more information speak to your Shamir Sales Representative!




Today's most advanced & personalized SV lens!

* Freeform single vision design.

* Improved vision with wider & clearer viewing fields.

* Lenses are custom designed to the patients prescription & frame.

* Marked with invisable markings for re-dotting & checking purposes.

* Suitable for a wide range of frames.

* Available in all materials & designs.


Features two advanced lens design technologies:


1. Eye-point Technology III

* Ensures the visual experience is true and improved, providing wider and clearer fields of vision for every patient and prescription.

2. As-worn Quadro

* Ensures that once the lens is fitted into the frame, the patient's prescription is exactly the same as when originally measured by the Optometrist.

* Shamir's Smart SV III provides 4 times greater design stability to frame tilt variations in any chosen frame.


To order Smart SV III simply provide the following:

* Patient prescription.

* Frame data: A,B, DBL or frame tracer file.

* Fitting height (center pupil).

* Mono far PD.

* Panaramic angle.

* Pantoscopic angle.

* Vertex distance.







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