Shamir Coatings

Shamir Glacier™ Sun™ UV
All purpose protection

Optical sunwear needs to accommodate a wide range of fashion preferences,
lifestyles, and activities while providing maximum protection and visual comfort.
That’s why Shamir created Shamir Glacier Sun UV, a new lens coating for sunwear that does just that.

Shamir Glacier™ Sun™ UV

Bright benefits from Shamir Glacier Sun UV


› Maintains color - Does not change lens tint and protects color from fading

› Extra UV - Protection Absorbs dangerous reflected radiation, minimizes glare

› Scratch resistant - Protects against damage in day-to-day use

› Easy clean - Water, stain, grease and fingerprint resistant, and anti-static dust repellent


Achromatic coating specially designed for sunwear

Achromatic, means that this is a bloom-free, clear coating that does not alter the chosen shade of the sunglass lenses, while at the same time preventing the lens color from fading. In addition, it provides easy cleaning due to anti-static and oleo- and hydrophobic characteristics, high durability and scratch resistance, and UV protection with improved anti-reflection – now on sunglasses.




 Extra protective innovation: UV + comprehensive AR anti-reflective properties


In addition to UV protection, Shamir Glacier Sun UV’s added feature prevents reflected sunlight from bouncing off the rear surface of the lens and into the eyes. It does this by allowing ultraviolet radiation in the UVA range to pass through and be absorbed into the lens, minimizing glare as well as affording the eyes extra protection from damaging reflected radiation.






With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier